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Term Deposits

  • Recurring Deposit

    Recurring Deposit scheme provides an opportunity to build up savings through regular monthly deposit of fixed sum over a period and have sufficient funds to achieve specific financial goals at the end of specific period.

  • Fixed Deposit

    Park your lump sum amount in our TGB Term Deposit and avail the features like guaranteed returns, choice of interest pay-out, liquidity through OD or premature withdrawal.

  • Special Term Deposit

    This product is a variant of Term Deposits but instead of Interest being paid out at a regular frequency during the period of deposit;

  • Short Term Deposit

    Under this scheme deposits will be accepted from 7 days to 179 days. Individuals and Corporates are eligible for Short Term Deposits.

  • Sri Rama Raksha Tax Saver Fixed Deposit Scheme

    This is a special deposit scheme which gives benefit under sec.80 C of Income Tax Act & yields high interest rate i.e. on par with term deposits.

  • Sahasra Deposit

    Park your lump sum amount in our TGB SAHASRA Term Deposit and get maximum interest

  • 444 days term deposits