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Recurring Deposit

Recurring Deposit

Recurring Deposit scheme provides an opportunity to build up savings through regular monthly deposit of fixed sum over a period and have sufficient funds to achieve specific financial goals at the end of specific period.

Invest through TGB Mobile Banking or by visiting your nearest branch.


  • Period of deposit Minimum - 12 months, Maximum - 120 months
  • Available at all branches
  • Minimum deposit amount is Rs. 100/- per month (thereafter in multiples of Rs. 10/-)
  • Penalty is charged on delayed payment of instalments.
  • Amount will be paid at maturity.
  • Premature Closure is also available.
  • TDS is applicable as per Income Tax Rules. Form 15G/15H can be submitted by the depositor for exemption from tax deduction as per IT Rules.

Loan against deposit is allowed with applicable margin as under

>12 MONTHS 15%

Terms and Condition

Bank also sends intimation to customers by way of SMS calling for instructions on disposal of maturity proceeds

  • Nomination available in favour of individual only.
  • Passbook is issued.
  • Transferability allowed among our branches
  • Rate of Interest as applicable to Term Deposits for Public and Senior Citizens.
  • Recurring Deposit (together with interest) of Rs. 20000/- and above shall not be paid in cash